Welcome to Blogging With Reese!

My name is Reese, I am 11 years old, and homeschooled (for more info about me and my family go here.), and I like to share some of my interests and hobbies.

Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, knitting, playing with animals, playing with my sister, coding, and playing Animal Jam (my favorite online game.).

I also enjoy traveling and meeting new friends.

I write a blog post every second week. On the week that I don’t write a post, I put up a positive quote, a pun, or some pics!


We’re in Canada!

Hi everyone! I have a surprise (Well not actually a surprise. You probably read the title. :))! I’m in Canada! Last Friday we flew in from Mexico City!

The day started off normal, I played hangman (Learn more here), we had breakfast, the normal routine, then we finished packing up the rest of our stuff, said goodbye to the cat we were looking after, and took a taxi to the bus station to take a bus to Mexico City. It was a double-decker! I bet you can guess where we sat? The top!20190809_120453_hdr

We watched some movies and played some games while we rode the 2-hour bus.

When we arrived at the airport we found our friends whom we had housesat for waiting for us! We said goodbye and then we tried to find where we could actually get our (My mom and dad’s) bags checked. It took a bit, but we found it. We checked through security and tried to find a place to eat. After a while of walking around with really heavy bags, we decided on Subway. My dad went to go find a beer and we (My mom, sister and I)ordered the subs. My sister and I sat down and ate our subs. After that, we went to try and find our gate. After walking to one end of the airport to look at the board that actually said our gate number, we looked at the board. Our number was 63. We looked around. We could see 62 and below. That meant we had to walk BACK 2 kilometres (Still carrying our heavy bags) to find out that our gate was the exact one we had where we had sat down to eat our subs! We met our dad there and waited for the plane to come. It did. An hour after it was supposed to. When we finally got on the plane I was exhausted. Plus it was 7 ‘o’clock, and I’d had a long day. So I did what I’d been waiting to do for weeks. I movie binged for the full five hours it took to get to Canada. When we got to Calgary it was midnight in Mexico, 11:00 P.M. in local time. We took an Uber to our friend’s house (She went to a lake for a week or so, but invited us to keep her cat company while she was gone. At least for some of the time.) So we stayed there for the weekend and today we are driving to Sparwood, B.C.! I am so excited to be in Canada again! And after a couple weeks in Canada, guess where we are going? Europe!

Stay tuned for more posts every Monday! Until then, hasta luego!



Taking a selfie with the cat (He was curled up at my feet while I wrote this)


IXL Study in the Sun Leaderboard #2

Hi, everybody! A couple of weeks ago I entered a schoolwork contest. I was super excited because you could win an iPad Mini!! If you want to see the original post I made you can go here(I recommend reading that first). And if you want to see the first leaderboard update you can go here.

Soooooooooo…… I have some news. I am not actually partaking in the contest anymore. Well, I am, but I changed some things. Let me start at the beginning:

A couple weeks ago around July 7th, my parents sat me down to talk after dinner. I knew it was about the contest, but I had no idea what it was they wanted to talk about exactly. Sure, the last couple of days had been very mentally and physically exhausting, but I knew that was going to happen. So anyway, they shooed my sister out of the kitchen and told her to go have a shower (which she had to have anyway). Then they started talking. I was excited and nervous at the same time. But mostly nervous. They had agreed that they didn’t like how the contest was going. I was stressed, they were stressed, I couldn’t play with my friends anymore it was taking so long, and most importantly it (the contest) was encouraging kids to drop back several grades so they could get as little questions as they could wrong. And basically, once the first leader board comes out and if you’re not in at least 5th place or above, there is a pretty small chance of getting that iPad Mini. They told me that they had a proposal for me. I could, 1, keep going with the contest, or 2, I could….. do 150 questions a day and take the weekends off! My parents continued,  telling me that I had to do some other stuff too. I had to tutor my very-hard-to-tutor little sister and I had to play hangman with my dad. That probably doesn’t make sense to you, so I’ll explain. My dad is an English teacher, who teaches English to kids from China. So, to get more students, he decided to do some live videos. So, three times a week I play hangman with my dad at 7:30 in the morning. Which I can totally do! Especially if I get the weekends off! They said that if I could do all that, until the original end date (August 31st) they would buy me…… Wait for it….. My very own tablet!! Oh my gosh, I thought. Of course, I’m doing this! How could I  not do this! If I was willing to give up my whole entire day, every day (even on weekends) to doing schoolwork, of course I could give up just my mornings (without weekends)!!

I was so excited, and I still am! So now I’m doing 150 questions a day, tutoring my little sister, and playing hangman. And I get a tablet!!

So far I have answered 21, 054 questions (since June 1st)! And that number is only going to increase!

I am still going to post the last leaderboard on the same date, August 26th. And the final results on September 9th. Don’t forget to come back for more posts every Monday!