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My name is Reese, I am 12 years old, and homeschooled (for more info about me and my family go here.), and I like to share some of my interests and hobbies.

Some of my favourite hobbies are reading, writing (I wrote my own book and published it!) , knitting, playing with animals, playing with my sister, and blogging.

I also enjoy travelling and meeting new friends.

I put up a blog post twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays! 😁

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My Family’s Travel Journey – Part Two

Hey everyone! What’s up?

Yes, I know, the sky. Other than the sky? Um, the roof? Unless you’re in a basement. Then it would be the floor above you. Anywayz, enough talk about skies and roofs. I’ve got exciting news!

I moved to Georgia! Whoo hoo! Yipee! *Thows huge party* *Stuffs face full of chocolate cake at the party* But, you’re probably thinking of the STATE of Georgia in the U.S. Nope, I moved to the COUNTRY of Georgia. Big diff. The state’s in North America and the country’s in Europe. The city I moved to is the capital – Tbilisi. And now you’re probably wondering WHY I’m so excited. I mean, I move to a country every few months, so why is this any different? Well, we’re going to be staying in Georgia for a YEAR.


That Bitmoji is soooo not accurate. I’m so much more excited than that

That’s the longest I’ll have been in one place since we started travelling! Speaking of travelling (don’t worry, I’m not done celebrating about moving. I’ll write more about it next post 😉) I should probably get to the actual post.

So, two weeks ago I put up the part one – My Family’s Travel Journey – in which you guys learned how and why my family started travelling, but then I got a whole lotta votes for a part two, so here we are!

I left off at the spring of 2018 (in Mexico), so I’ll pick up there.

After Mexico we went back to Canada for the summer. And believe me you, it was one fun summer! We drove from Sparwood, British Columbia (West side of Canada) to Glencoe, Ontario (East side)! The whole drive was about a week and we had a lot of fun! I wrote a post on it here, so you can go check that out!

While in Glencoe we housesat and dogsat (yeah, that is a word. I made it up) for an old house and a gopher-eating dog. My sister and I also took swimming lessons, adopted cows (kind of… my sister and I and our friends just kind of named our friends’ cows and called them ours…), read a lot, biked, rescued baby birds and monarch butterflies, and I cut off ten inches of my hair to donate to make a wig!

*hides face in my hands when seeing the pic with pigtails* That has got to be the most hideous hairstyle ever on me! And the picture of Claire and I with the red blanket thingie actually has a bird in it, but it’s pretty much swallowed up by the blanket.

We stayed in Glencoe until the end of September, when we drove back across Canada (we did a housesit along the way – in Saskatchewan for two wonderful dogs) to Sparwood. Then, we housesat for my great great uncle and aunt while they went away on a vacay. They seriously have the cutest dog. Ever.

And then……. We went to Colombia! It was awesome there! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and didn’t mind that we hardly spoke any Spanish (speaking of which, I have no idea how we even survived in Mexico with our lack of Spanish then). We went to lots of parties, hosted some parties ourselves (MY BIRTHDAY!!), explored Medellin – where we were staying – and even went on some weekend excursions to small Colombian towns. We had sooooo much fun staying there for six months and I was super sad when we left in the spring… I still miss my friends and the fun times we had there.

After Colombia we went to Mexico for the summer. To tell you the honest truth, I didn’t want to go. It was nothing against the country itself, it was just that I really wanted to go back to Canada and take my babysitter’s course. Mostly because the original plan was to go back to Canada, but then we saw an opportunity to housesit in Mexico, so we took it.

The first town we went to was Puebla – for three weeks – and then we went to Pachuca – for two months. In Pachuca we housesat and petsat for a cat. I was less than thrilled, because my family had agreed to not housesit for any house with just a cat, since we’re all dog lovers. Not that all cats are bad… Just… 🤷‍♀️

But I had more fun than I expected! There were lots of kids in Pachuca, so we hung out a lot, but the thing that I did most of the time was……..schoolwork! Betcha didn’t see that coming. You see, I was in a sort of schoolwork contest to win an iPad Mini. It turned out totally different than I thought I would, though… I posted about it here, so go check it out!

Another thing that happened in Pachuca was that my dad got approved to be an English teacher to Chinese kids! He had to work night shifts to accommodate with the time zone differences. Which was kind of annoying because then he was always really tired, and my sister and I had to be really quiet.

Whilst (hah, I sound so fancy and posh saying ‘whilst’ 😂) in Mexico, we had a decision to make. We found a work-away (basically, the person hosting the work-away provides a place for the work-awayers (that a word?) to sleep and sometimes food, and in exchange the work-awayers… uh… work for them with whatever they need help with. In this case it was running a farm) in Nova Scotia that we were really excited about. We all wanted to go.

We planned it all out. We just needed one more detail. You see, in order for my dad to work, he needs good WiFi. So it was a bit of a blow when the lady who hosted the work-away gave us the information and the WiFi wasn’t fast enough.

So then we had to come up with a totally new plan. *sigh* Yeah. That’s how fast your plans can go down the drain. My mom started looking for other housesits in different places, and found one in Spain. Totally different than Nova Scotia. But, we video called the home owners and they had fast enough WiFi, so we decided to roll with it. Not to mention, being in Europe, my dad’s hours would be better, and he wouldn’t have to work night shift! So our new plan became: Europe for one year, and then we would go back to Canada.

We went back to Canada in August 2019 and visited friends, made plans, and even went camping! But by the end of September, the time came for our family to drive us to the airport and our flight to leave. I’ll just skip all the confusing flights, because I already wrote a post on that. Yes. I’m that lazy.

When we got to Spain we had a couple of days before the housesit started, so we spent them in Sant Pol de Mar! It was really fun! But, also very, very sad. Why would you be sad at the beach? One word. Homesickness.

I think because we had planned to stay for one year, that thought got into my head and grew and grew until I was so sad. We’d never been away from Canada that long before (what a rookie I was 😂). I cried myself to sleep every night for weeks, and I’d wake up in the night and all I could think about was how much I missed home. I tried to concentrate on the good stuff – I really did – but it was just so hard.

Eventually I got over it, though writing this post is making me want to cry all over again.

Our month in Spain was sad and fun at the same time, and I did enjoy it as much as I could.

After Spain we went to Athens, Greece. To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it that much. It was too touristy and busy. Although there were a lot of stray cats, of whom my sister and I had a lot of fun feeding and petting.

I was pretty excited to go to London, though, which was where we were going next! We were going to be housesitting for two dogs! Finally! No more cats!

We spent a rainy – I reallllly wanted it to snow, but oh well – Christmas in London, walking the dogs, hover boarding (this was super fun), and doing lots of baking. We even made our first gingerbread houses by ourselves!

My lovely falling apart gingerbread house

After London, we went to Bulgaria. And that’s where we stayed for seven months. It wasn’t intentional. In fact, we’d planned on being there for three months!

But, ya know, Coronavirus came along and ruined all our ideas of travelling for a few months. So we got visa extensions and stayed from January til August. This gave me plenty of time to work on The Lost Necklace Of Alazia, though, so that’s a plus! Fortunately, for the last couple months we were able to move to Burgas from Sofia, so we got to be at the beach!

After Bulgaria we went to Romania for three months! It was pretty fun! We lived in Brasov and Sibiu. We met lots of friends (almost none of them spoke English 😂), I worked on my blog a lot more, started writing poetry, and, started teaching myself gymnastics!

And after Romania, we have come here, to Tbilisi, Georgia! I love travelling, but really, I’m ready for a bit of a break.

Make sure to come back on Friday to hear about my epic trip (FT. a lot of flights 😂) from Romania to Georgia!

Also, don’t forget to comment on this post, because I’m dying of boredom, cuz we’re in an eight day quarantine

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Two Books I Like VS Two Books I Dislike – A Collab

Heleaux Y’all!

It’s your girl Mary Elizabeth back with a bookish post! 

Today I’ll be sharing three books I really liked, and three books I disliked. I don’t like saying I hate the book, because I really don’t read any books I know I would hate. And even if I did hate a book, it probably wouldn’t be sharing that on the internet. 

So, with that out of the way, let’s light this candle and get on with the post! 


❤ Two Books I Loved ❤

Just Sayin’ 

There is so much I can say about this book, but I’ll start with this. 

You’ll be entertained for hours, and it’s impossible to put down! It’s the story of how some relationships are put together by bringing each other down. Cassie and Nick’s relationship is unforgettable, and it reminds us that all relationships are different, and different is the perfect word to describe these almost-step siblings’ close knit friendship. This book is written in all letters, and surprisingly, it’s easy to keep up! I really liked this book mainly because it was hilarious! The insults they use are completely age appropriate, and it teaches a good lesson in the end. 

One for the Murphys

This book is a must read. If you like books that give perspective, you will love this book. Told through the eyes Caryle, a heartbroken, confused, troubled girl caught up in her own problems, a loving Mom of three boys takes her in after her Mom gets into an accident. She’s reminded that she’s in this world for a reason, and that there will always be someone in the world out there for her, and that perfection is never what it seems. Her journey is one of self discovery. This book did have a sad ending and it did make me cry, but other than that, this is a must read!

): Two Books I Dislike 😦

100 Days of Sunlight

Yikes right? I’ve officially learned my lesson about judging a book by it’s cover. Despite the impossibly gorgeous cover and amazing characters, there was one aspect that stamped this -Lets not read this again and move on-. And that was the profanity! Every other page we got a mouthful of the S, D, and A word. It drove me crazy! If you can’t handle bad words, like myself, I wouldn’t recommend reading this book. Also, I know this is romance but like, super sappy… 

Touch Blue

I love Cynthia Lord’s other book, RULES. I’d recommend RULES, but this book?

I don’t know honestly, what happened here. The plotline kind of drifts, and there’s not much in there that makes you say, “HMMM” because I like that in a book. This book was just kind of stale, and it had those cliche vibes to. I also kind of felt bored with it, because it had stale characters and a stale setting. It had all those quirks. Mysterious old person? Check. Hidden Talent? Check. Favorite random place? Check. Trying to figure out someone? Check.

If you want to give it a go, I’m not stopping you. Go ahead and tell me what you think! 


Thanks so much for reading, and I hope that you check out those books I liked, and the ones I disliked just for the thrill. xD

Be sure to check out my previous post, Here’s What NOT to do as a new blogger

Stay healthy, happy, and safe! And wear a mask over your nose!

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work (a story)

“Oh, cool!” James, Teagan’s little brother squealed as his hand came up out of the hole in the pumpkin. “Look, Teagan! GUTS!”

Teagan sighed, squeezed her eyes closed, and plunged her hands into the middle of the pumpkin. It did feel like guts. Teagan jerked her hand out and dropped the pumpkin pulp onto a plate beside her. “Gross.”

But James didn’t think so; he was already digging around in his pumpkin for more.

Teagan took a deep breath and told herself, come on, Teagan, you can do this!

She forced her hand into the pulp and grabbed some, grimacing at the texture. James saw her face and laughed. “Want me to do it?”

“Yes, please!” Teagan exclaimed and pushed her pumpkin toward him. He finished it in no time.

Teagan waited until James had finished pulling the ‘guts’ out of his own pumpkin, and then started drawing out the pattern that she wanted on her pumpkin. James watched her with fascination. “How do you draw so well?” He had rushed drawing his, so it was sloppy and the lines were shaky.

Teagan shrugged. “Practice?”

“I wish I could draw like that,” James said enviously.

“I can help you if you want,” Teagan offered.

James’ face lit up. Teagan smiled and got a piece of paper to tape over the already-draw lines.

Carefully, she helped guide James’ hand, making a pattern on the paper. When they were done, James marveled over how neat it looked.

“Now we get to do the fun part!” Teagan said. “Carving the pumpkins!”

James grabbed the tools they needed and handed them to Teagan. He watched carefully as she cut through the lines she’d drawn, tracing the pattern. 

Once she was done, he eagerly started carving his own pumpkin, wanting it to look perfect. But he was going too fast, and once again the lines ended up sloppy.

“Look,” Teagan told her brother, demonstrating on his pumpkin. “Go slow, like this. That way it won’t look so messy.”

So James slowed his pace, following the lines slowly and carefully. When he was done, he smiled to himself, admiring his pumpkin.

Teagan beamed back at him and picked her pumpkin up to put it outside. “See how it pays off to go slow?”

“Yeah, but I couldn’t have done it if you hadn’t told me to go slow.” James followed Teagan out the door, hauling his pumpkin with him.

Teagan set her pumpkin on the front porch. “Well, I wouldn’t have been able to even carve my pumpkin if you hadn’t scooped out all the pulp for me.”

James grinned. “We helped each other,” he said, setting his pumpkin on the ground next to his sister’s.