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Hey there! Welcome to Blogging With Reese!

I’m Reese, the author of this blog!

I mostly post about my interests, which are reading, writing, photography, and travelling! 

I love reading, and it’s pretty much what I do all day. Some of my favourite books are Keeper of the Lost CitiesHarry Potter, and lots more!

When I’m not reading, you can usually find me writing. I write poetry, short stories, and even books! I wrote and published my first book last summer! You can check it out here! I also wrote another book and published it in the beginning of February! If you want to learn more about both of my books then you can go here!

Oh, and I also write blog posts! I post twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays!

If you want to read more about me, then you can check out this page! Until then, I hope you enjoy reading my posts!


Hi! I'm Reese! I'm 13 years old and a TOTAL bookworm (like, huge). Some of my favourite series are Harry Potter, Keeper Of The Lost Cities, and a bazillion other ones (the list is too long to write down). When I'm not reading - which isn't very often - I'm either writing, practicing my photography, or attempting to learn gymnastics by myself. Oh yeah, and I got watercolour paints a while ago, so I'm also painting! I am Canadian, but my family and I travel all around the world! I've been to 13 different countries so far!

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