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The Sunshine and Rainbows Tag

Hello fellow human beings!

Welcome back to Blogging with Reese!

First off, you may be wondering why I’m doing a tag instead of the promised photo contest post. Well, I’m sorry to say, but the photo contest has been cancelled. I only. got 1 submission for this past prompt, and I feel like it wouldn’t be right to have to pick that picture as the winner.

I just want to say thank you to all of you who sent in photos the first week, and I’d also like to thank Liz, who sent in her photo this week.

I’ll probably do another contest some other time (or maybe do this one at another time), but for now I’m just gonna have to cancel it.

Now, for the tag!

Thanks so much to Rosy for tagging me for this!

The badge. Not my image.

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Share the badge and rules in your post
  • Include this blog tag statement: “The sunshine & rainbows blog tag is an award created to show appreciation for bloggers who bring positivity and happiness into our lives!”
  • Answer the tag’s 5 questions
  • Tag 5-10 bloggers whose blogs you love reading!
  • Include a custom message to your nominees about why you tagged them
  • Keep on blogging! We love that you’re a part of the blogging world!

The Questions

  1. What are your favourite kinds of posts to write?
    I’d have to say travel posts are my top favourite, because I love sharing my travels with others. I also love doing photography posts and posts sharing my stories. Oh, and collabs are super fun too!
  2. What’s a post you’d love to write but haven’t yet?
    Probably a post about my favourite summer outfits, or maybe easy hairstyles. I keep thinking of doing them, but then I forget. Speaking of forgetting, guess who keeps forgetting to write a post on volunteering at the dog shelter?
  3. In what ways do you enjoy helping other people?
    Hmmmm…. I think I just like helping people in general. I feel like (hopefully) I’m the kind of person who can just be there for a friend if they need help with anything, whether it be math homework, or just needing someone to talk to.
  4. What (or who) inspires you?
    A lot of things inspire me in different ways. Seeing other people achieve their goals inspires me a lot. And also seeing a problem, and then knowing that I need to do something about it. That tends to inspire me.
  5. What do you love to see on other people’s blogs?
    Mostly just what people enjoy writing. You can tell if the person writing the post enjoyed it or not, and that makes the reader more interested, I think. 

The Nominees:

Roshni @It’s the little things – I love reading your posts so much. They always bring a smile to my face, and a positive side to my day.

Alexa @A Fangirl’s Hideaway – Your posts are always fun to read, and they’re super funny too. You always have a fun post series or a contest or something going on that’s fun to participate in.

I know I only nominated two people, but everyone else I can think of has already done this tag, I believe.

Anyways, thanks for reading today, and don’t forget to come back next week! I have some fun posts planned!


Hi! I'm Reese! I'm 13 years old and a TOTAL bookworm (like, huge). Some of my favourite series are Harry Potter, Keeper Of The Lost Cities, and a bazillion other ones (the list is too long to write down). When I'm not reading - which isn't very often - I'm either writing, practicing my photography, or attempting to learn gymnastics by myself. Oh yeah, and I got watercolour paints a while ago, so I'm also painting! I am Canadian, but my family and I travel all around the world! I've been to 13 different countries so far!

11 thoughts on “The Sunshine and Rainbows Tag

  1. Aww, thank you so much for your kind words and the tag! It really made my day! Also, I hope you do another photography contest soon because I really enjoyed the first round of this one! I had my pic for the summer treats ready but I forgot to email it to you. Looking forward to the next contest! <33

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  2. Reese!!! Thanks for the nomination!😭❤️ And thank you so much for your kind words! I know I’m late but seriously, what you said means a lot to me!💫 I might not be able to do this soon but I promise I’ll do this someday maybe in January or December.


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