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Hiking at Lisi Lake

Hi everyone!

A few days ago we went hiking at Lisi Lake! It’s a lake that’s kinda in Tbilisi, but kind of on the outskirts. It’s pretty close to our apartment, so we were able to walk there!

Unfortunately, Bo, our resident street dog, decided to follow us. We had to cross a number of streets – and lots of them were super busy – but she came with us anyways. And once Bo decides to follow you, there’s no getting her to stay. Trust me. I’ve tried training her, but all she does is ‘shake a paw’.

Once we got to the park area, we just walked around and explored. Lisi Lake was frozen over, so that was really cool to see. Bo went and walked on the ice like a polar bear (actually, she kind of looked like a lost cub, haha).

Bo the lost polar bear cub (photo credit: me)

After walking on the icy shore, we decided to head up into the woods to explore more, and be in the trees. There’s just this amazing feeling that I get whenever I’m in the woods, and I just feel so free. I ran around up there with Bo, and instead of being her usual grumpy self, she actually played with me! I decided that the fresh air must be doing her good.

The beautiful woods (photo credit: me)

We had a picnic up on a (kind of) ridge and enjoyed the view of the lake. It was such a beautiful day to be out hiking, and the sky was so blue, and the air so fresh. Ahhhh.

Me, my sister, and my mom (photo credit: my dad)

We walked for a while longer in the woods, with Bo still following us. I was surprised that she still was, actually!

After a while, we ran into some cows in the woods! They were just grazing in the trees, enjoying themselves, until Bo ran up to them and started barking. She was trying to be brave, but the cows ignored her. Then Bo ran up to one to sniff it, and it turned around and Bo bolted!

Spot the Bo (photo credit: me)

We walked back to the road and walked home after that, but I really enjoyed going to Lisi Lake, and I’d like to again sometime!

My sister and I at Lisi Lake (photo credit: my dad)

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Would you like to see more of this kind of posts? Did you spot the Bo in the cow picture? Do you like hiking?

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The Story Of Rosie Doodle

Hey guys! What’s up?

Today I’ll be writing about something – a very big something – that’s been a big part of my life for the last little while.

It’s about….. A pup!!

Yay! I love dog stories! But not just any pup… it’s about…

Rosie Doodle!

So let me tell you the story.

Some time ago, in late November, I was out walking with Bo, a stray dog who lives near our building, and I saw a new dog. She was a tiny pupper, and very skittish. Bo and the pup played for a while, and then we continued on.

For a few days after, I would catch glimpses of the dog, but she was so shy I couldn’t pet her. A couple days later, I was hanging around our building (with Bo) and I saw this man walking around with the dog. I asked him if she was his dog, and he said that no, she wasn’t his, but he brought her to our neighborhood.

Around a week later, the pup had gotten used to being here, and she was starting to come around people more. My friend and I were outside when she saw her for the first time. She wanted to call her De De or Be Be or something (I honestly can’t remember). I said okay, but I didn’t really think the name suited her. Then I thought of ‘Rosie*’, and my friend really liked it, so we called her that!

* I call her Rosie Doodle sometimes, though, because it has a nice ring to it, and also because of the book A Dog’s Purpose

Every morning I go on a walk with Bo, and I wanted to see if Rosie would come with us. The first few times she would follow us, but then leave partway through. Eventually, though, she wasn’t as shy, and she started following Bo and I every morning.

I started bringing kibbles with me to see if she would come up to me, and after a while she did!

The weeks passed, and with every day she got more used to me. I would play with her, and feed her, and teach her tricks. My parents and sister loved her, too, and sometimes they joined me on my walks.

Bo (behind) and Rosie (in front)

There are lots of stray dogs in Tbilisi, Georgia, and sadly, not all of them are fixed, which means that more of them are born, and then they grow up, have puppies, and contribute to the stray dog population.

My mom decided that she wanted to do something about that, even if it was just this one dog. We went to the vet’s one day, and asked about getting Rosie fixed.

The guy there said that she would have to fast for eight hours before she could have surgery, though.

Because Rosie’s a street dog, she eats whenever she can, and it would be really hard to make sure she didn’t ear anything for eight whole hours. Luckily, our friend agreed to take Rosie in his house overnight. We took her to the vet the next day. She was really freaked out because she had probably never spent the night inside before, and also she had to ride in a car to the vet’s.

When we got to the vet’s she was literally shaking, she was so anxious. We had to wait for a little while before the vet saw her. We kept petting her, and calming her down, and telling her what a good girl she was. When the vet put her up on the table she was really quiet and didn’t didn’t try to resist.

The vet looked at her for a minute, and then told us that Rosie was in heat, which means that she could get pregnant. Because she was already in heat, we couldn’t get her fixed until two months after.

Rosie eating a pinecone

Once we got back, Rosie was thrilled. My mom, sister and I, however, weren’t. If she got pregnant, then there’d be more homeless dogs in the world.

When a dog goes into heat, it can last for 2 to 3 weeks. Rosie was, by our estimates, around 5 days in. We had a long couple weeks ahead of us.

The next day when my mom and I went for a walk with Rosie, there was already an un-fixed male dog following her around every where she went. He wouldn’t leave her alone. Finally, we took her into the entrance of our apartment building, intending to stay until he left. But he just stayed by the door. So we decided to walk up the stairs with Rosie. We went all the way up to the 11th floor, which is our floor. Then we went into our apartment.

Since we didn’t want Rosie to pee all over the place, we went into my sister’s room with her, and she stayed there, under the bed.

A couple hours later, we took her out to pee and go for a walk. When we brought her back inside, she immediately went under my sister’s bed again. The whole day was like that; taking her for walks, and then bringing her back up. Wherever she went, we were always watching her to make sure no boy dogs were with her.

That night, she slept under my sister’s bed.

Sorry for the graininess of this pic. Also, this is actually my bed xD

The next few days were the same as the first. Take her out for walks, stay with her all the time, feed her, watch her, make sure she didn’t chew anything…

Oh, and did I mention that we’re not supposed to have pets in our apartment? Hehe… yeah. That’s been an extra challenge.

Now we’re on day eight, and so far we’ve protected her. There’ve been several close encounters with male dogs, but she’s safe.

She’s gotten into the routine of going outside and peeing, and we’ve only had around five accidents inside the apartment.

I can’t decide if I like her here or not. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of sleepless nights (like waking up at 3am and not sleeping til 5am because she keeps walking around my room), but it’s nice to feel like I actually have my own dog.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I know I enjoyed writing it!

Do you own a dog? Is Rosie adorable, or what? Are there stray dogs where you live? Should I write more posts about Rosie and Bo?

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Merry Christmas!

Hey guys! Guess what? In Tbilisi, where I am, it’s December 25th! Which means….


Right? Well, for most people, yes, but for me this year… no.

Yep, you heard me right. I’M NOT CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS!!!!

On the 25th, that is. This year, because of stinkin’ Covid, we were in lockdown until the 24th, which meant that I couldn’t go out and get my family Christmas presents! So, we decided to move Christmas to the 30th. Why the 30th, you ask? Because my dad’s ‘weekend’ is on Monday and Wednesday, so we’re doing Christmas Eve on the 29th (a Tuesday) and Christmas day on the 30th (a Wednesday).

Yay! Not. Waiting 364 days for Christmas is long enough, and now I have to wait almost an extra week!

But it’s weird, though. This year (possibly because of how different it’s been) I just haven’t felt… well… Christmas-y. Yes, I am excited about giving my family presents, and opening some of my own, but other than that it just doesn’t seem like Christmas.

But, I’m just trying to get into the Christmas spirit still. Is it possible that when people grow up, Christmas starts being not as fun?! AHHHHHHH! It can’t be possible! I’ve been listening to lots of Christmas songs, and trying to watch lots of Christmas movies, but it still feels like there’s something missing.

Today (that’s why this post is later than I usually post) and yesterday I went to the mall near my house, because it opened yesterday. It is seriously SO busy in there, and because of social distancing there were only a certain number of people allowed in each store. The line-up to H&M was…. just… oh my gosh…

On the plus side, I did get a lot of Christmas shopping done, so yay! I just have to go out with my dad on Monday (Monday because that’s his day off) to get something for my mom!

Last week, I made a gingerbread house, which was exciting. In Georgia, you can’t get molasses (a key ingredient in gingerbread), so my parents made it an early Christmas present to my sister and I to get molasses shipped all the way from the U.S.!

I did have fun making my gingerbread house, though. My sister and I made our own templates, and baked our own dough, then shaped it into the templates. It took a few days, but they turned out delicious, and I am super proud of how well mine turned out. It looks WAYYYY better than last year.

Okay, and now I have been tagged by Rayna @Ray is Writing for the Blogmas Tag! (I’m not sure why, as I wasn’t even doing blogmas xD)

Anyways, I have been nominated for lots of other tags and awards that I haven’t gotten to yet (sorry about that), but I figured that I should do this one before Christmas is over. So let’s get right to it!


  • Thank the person who tagged you and link their blog (I’ve done that above).
  • Put the rules at the beginning of your post (as I’m doing now).
  • Answer all 12 questions.
  • Tag 12 people (can’t be the person who tagged you, or any of the people that person had tagged).
  • Create 12 new questions.


  1. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
    Hmmm probably Home Alone
  2. What was your first Christmas present ever (if you can remember)?
    Not sure about this one, but I have seen a video of me when I was 4 or 5 opening my stocking and finding a bag of flossers and thinking they were knives. I seriously was like, ‘Look! I got knives!’.
  3. Is Christmas your favorite holiday?
  4. Have you ever done Blogmas?
    No, but I might do it next year…
  5. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
    Uhhhh I really don’t know. I got a camera when I was 6, which I had really wanted, so that was pretty awesome!
  6. What’s the worst present you’ve ever received?
    Can I skip this question? It just feels mean to answer it.
  7. Do you like giving Christmas cards?
    Yep, definietly!
  8. Are you giving anyone a Christmas card this year?
    Ummm no… heheh
  9. What was the best present (you think) you ever gave?
    Last year I baked a different batch of cookies for each member of my family, and they all really enjoyed them!
  10. Have you ever had ice cream in winters?
    Yeah!! I had some a couple of weeks ago! (actually, technically that was fall)
  11. What’s the worst present you’ve given someone?
    A couple years ago I gave my dad a plant. It sat in the living room until we moved out and gave it to our neighbor. My dad never took care of it, but my mom did. I think it was more of a present to her than my dad.
  12. And, finally, how much “in the Christmas spirit” do you get?
    Normally, I am stoked for Christmas, but as I mentioned above, this year I’m having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.

My nominees:
I nominate the first 12 people to like this post!

Annnnd you can use the same questions!

I hope you enjoyed reading, and have a lovely holiday season (what’s left of it).

Attention people who have entered in the WWW: please submit your entry to me before Sunday!! I’ve only received one submission, and time’s a tickin’!

One last thing before I go wrap presents, please check out my school’s online magazine! You can get it free here! Stuff that I’ve worked on is on pages 07, 40, and 73!

That’s all! Merry Christmas!