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My Awesome Experience With Nick Vujicic!

So today I am going to share one of my favourite experiences with you. This is actually a sister (or it could be a brother post.:p)post to the one I made last week – a quote by Nick Vujicic.

So when we were in Nashville, TN. (I made a post about that but I didn’t include this.) We were at an event and they had asked Nick to speak there. (In case you don’t know about Nick he has no arms or legs but has an amazing success story. You should look him up if you haven’t heard of him.)  Anyway, on with the story. So he told us (a crowd of 5000 people) his story and how we should never give up, or lose hope. At the end of his speech, he asked people to put their hand up if they wanted to share any of their takeaways. I wanted to, and I had something I wanted to say, but I was scared. But my mom said that if I wanted to, I should. So I stood up on my chair and put my hand up. He called on me. I said, “Believe in yourself.”. I was very proud of myself, but Nick wasn’t done yet. He asked me if I would like to come up on stage with him. I did. (Of course, my sister got to come too.) I walked down the aisle, and up the stairs. Nick asked me and Claire to sit beside him. Then he talked about how brave I was to put my hand up and to come up on stage. He said that the biggest fear in the world was public speaking. Some people would rather die than come up on stage. Wow. Some people would rather die! And I walked up on stage in front of 5000 people! At the end, we hugged him and walked back to our seats.

After the event, lots of people came over to me and were saying how amazing I was and that they couldn’t do that. I felt so happy that I had done that and to have had that amazing experience. And I was so proud of myself that I had just raised my hand. Look what it did. I got to hug Nick Vujicic, I was famous (Seriously! For the rest of the week, people were congratulating me. Even at the Science Center! On the other side of town!), and I had spoken, well, maybe not spoken, but walked up there and sat with Nick in front of 5000 people!

It was a really cool experience and I’m so glad I raised my hand. I’m sure I will never forget it.





Hi! I'm Reese! I'm 12 years old and a TOTAL bookworm (like, huge). Some of my favourite series are Harry Potter, Keeper Of The Lost Cities, and a bazillion other ones (the list is too long to write down). When I'm not reading - which isn't very often - I'm either writing, practicing my photography, or attempting to learn gymnastics by myself. Oh yeah, and I got watercolour paints a while ago, so I'm also painting! I am Canadian, but my family and I travel all around the world! I've been to 13 different countries so far!

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